Deceptive, biased and pre-judged ferry decision for Islay.

Today we are publishing a critique of CMAL’s options appraisal and public presentation of new ferries for Islay. Islay is obviously outside of our direct remit, so we have held off from any comment until the contract was placed for these much-needed vessels.

Mull & Iona are next in line for new ferries, so we have taken a close interest in how the Islay consultation and options appraisal was carried out. We have found that the decisions behind the Islay vessels were deeply flawed, and are publishing our critique so that the same errors are not repeated here.

Read the full article here:

5 thoughts on “Deceptive, biased and pre-judged ferry decision for Islay.

  1. Hi. I am a consultant Engineer based in Fife. I have read your very acurate article. I am battling with CMAL and the Ferry civil servents regarding the tender i submitted for the 2 ferriy contract. Technivally we were superior in every way and our price was 50% below the Turky Bid and our delivery was 1 ferry 2022. 2 or more additional ferries in 2023. We were notified (after the contract was signed with Turkey) that we were disqialified on 4 points which which CMAL are unable to justify. CMAL claim to do robust and faire evaluation yet did not ask 1 question.If you agree I will send all the information and hope this can be distributed to other island communities.

    1. Hi Jim. Please email me at . Thanks.

    2. Let’s hope you spell checked your submission 😆

  2. Thanks for the very informative article. To me there is one outstanding area of analysis that hasn’t been discussed and reviewed which is the difference between the MCA and other European national bodies interpretations of the relevant Euro legislation (for Ro-Pax Ferries). This can then be used to normalise and compare ferries. Clearly if required outcomes of the regulations are different then the design will be different.

    1. How can i learn more as i am in dialogue with the Transport Minister and the ferry deprtment regarding the misplacing of the two Isla ferries and there ver inflated cost, however I want to be on the tender list for the iona and mull ferries and would prfer to work with the Ferry association to offer the design that suits your needs. I am happy to meet with you to discuss the Ferries you require

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