A new ticket booking system? Your chance to tell CalMac what you think.

Last week we told you about the booking system used on the Danish island of Samso, and how it differs from CalMac’s first-come-first-served approach. By identifying local users and keeping a separate allocation of car deck space for them on every sailing, they give more equal access to locals and visitors.

We want to know what you think of this alternative system and if you agree, advocate for it to be used on the Craignure-Oban service.

Please go along to our survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/samsosystem

It will take just five minutes. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “A new ticket booking system? Your chance to tell CalMac what you think.

  1. From where I sit (in England) Calmac’s attitude to many things seems to be “Go away, we know best” when, frankly, they haven’t a clue.

  2. We are long term visitors to Mull (60 years) and own a family holiday cottage on the Island.
    We fully agree that the needs of residents on the island come first. We therefore agree that there should be reserved space for residents. A proviso being that if this space is not taken up by the time that the Check In closes then it should be allocated to those at the top of the unbooked queue. I presume that there is always an ambulance space reserved.
    It would also be helpful if the type of ferry was changed on the Mull route to a catamaran type. No space given to dining and more crossings n the day.as recommended by Professor Alf Baird and others.

  3. Rosemary Beaver 13th April 2022 — 3:38 pm

    We don’t live on island but have been visiting for the last 20 years. We hope to visit even more as we retire. But we agree your proposal that the booking system should reserve spaces for residents – until as commentator says below the last sailing time. That is only fair to enable locals to live their lives properly. (I even had to reverse off the ferry last October having been given a standby place – for a a booked resident who arrived 5 mins before ferry sailed. Frustrating but totally understood. )
    We can’t take your survey but would support your approach.
    Also your comments previously that tradesmen in small vans delivering to or serving islanders should not be charged commercial rates – twice the price of camper vans.

  4. I think having separate booking systems for locals is a great idea. It will make booking hospital appointment and shopping trips easier and less stressful if we know there is going to be space in the busy months.

  5. We live on Mull and would like to complete the survey however we have adjusted our habits to accommodate the inadequate booking system and we did not attempt to take our car off island during 2021. This makes question 3 impossible to answer and the survey will not let the question remain unanswered. Any suggestions so that we can complete the survey. An option 5 saying that you have changed your lifestyle as a result of the system would have been useful.

    1. Hi Brian. I’ve changed the settings so that you aren’t forced to give answers to these questions. Best, Joe.

      1. Thanks Joe – survey now complete.

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