Members are listed below (in no particular order!), together with their contact emails. If you need to get in touch about a particular problem or issue, please feel free to contact whichever member you prefer.

Joe Reade

Finlay MacDonald (Delegate of Iona Community Council)

William McClymont (Delegate of Mull Community Council)

Ben Wilson

Keith Robbie

David Galbraith

Claire Simonetta

Douglas Wilson

John MacDonald

Andy Knight

Moray Finch (Delegate of Mull & Iona Community Trust)

Colin Morrison (Delegate of Visit Mull & Iona)

Councillor Jim Lynch (Local Authority Councillor)

Chris James

Morven Gibson (Delegate of South West Mull & Iona Development)

Susan Hawkes

Stewart MacDougall

Simon Thomasson

Heather Hill

Adrian Fitness

Dr Sam Jones

Pete Pinnington

Geoff Adams

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