Timetable Consultation

Draft timetables are sent to the Ferry Committee 12 months before they are due to come into effect. We then have a short time in which to respond to the proposed timetables with any changes the community would like.

So for example the draft timetable for winter 2019/2020 was circulated in November 2018, shortly after the winter winter timetable for 2018/19 came into effect. In March or April of 2019, the draft timetable for the summer of 2020 will be circulated.

Both summer and winter timetables have improved significantly since RET was introduced in 2015. However, it has also become more difficult to get any changes. Transport Scotland cannot authorise any changes unless they are cost neutral – essentially there can be no additional sailings without reductions elsewhere.

For the winters of 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20 we have requested that our island-focussed timetable should be adopted, because it offers huge improvements without any additional sailings. That has proven impossible to implement because of the condition of Craignure Pier.

If you have a suggestion for a timetable change, please contact one of our members.  Bear in mind that these requests need to be with us at least 1 year before they will come into effect.

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