Booking system and the Islands Act

We have been in communication with Transport Scotland and CalMac repeatedly over many months regarding the ‘first come first served’ booking system and how it is prejudiced against island residents. It has become clear however that nothing was being done to address it; not even to trial some changes on select routes.

It has also become clear that the Islands Act has not been considered by either CalMac or Transport Scotland. CalMac should have carried out an Island Communities Impact Assessment in respect of their new IT and ticketing system, and Transport Scotland should have carried one out in respect of the ‘first come first served’ ticketing policy that they ask CalMac to enforce.

We have therefore written to both the Islands Minister and the Transport Minister on this key issue. You can read the letter and accompanying press release below.

3 thoughts on “Booking system and the Islands Act

  1. Thank you Joe and the committee. We await to see what replies you receive!!!

  2. A day trip to Oban is now impossible due to the present system. I require my car being a bit immobile so effectively I am a prisoner of the tourist industry. The Lochaline route is approximately 80 miles each way to Oban where I have business and hospital appointments. There has to be a better system based on residence but I do not hold my breath since Edinburgh based politicians have no interest in the islands.

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