Resistance to change

Below is a two-page spread from yesterday’s Mail telling the story of efforts in 2008 to persuade CMAL and Transport Scotland to modernise their fleet with medium-speed catamarans. This gives some of the ‘back-story’ to the obstruction and dogma that we faced through ’20 and ’21 when we tried to persuade CMAL of the merits of a catamaran for Mull.

3 thoughts on “Resistance to change

  1. The squandering of our money beggars belief as does the lack of expertise.
    J Patrick Maclean

  2. These articles make for both enlightening and exasperating reading!! If I feel exasperated I feel sure you are beyond that and have a continual stream of exasperated steam coming out of your ears!! I continue to be grateful for all your hard work and persistence and have no doubt you will keep on chipping away at the closed mindedness and stubbornness displayed by so many who alarmingly continue to hold the very expensive purse strings. I am a glass half full person and so live in hope that, sooner rather than later, Stuart Ballantyne and his successes will be rightfully acknowledged.

  3. This makes for painful reading. Shed loads of common sense are replaced with extraordinary arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. This would make the subject of an excellent Panorama programme as well as File on Four (BBC radio 4). Naming and shaming are probably the most effective tools at our disposal. Repeatedly if necessary until things get changed.

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