What amendments would you like for next summer’s timetables?

It’s consultation time for next year’s summer timetables. We need to collate all timetable change requests for CalMac and Transport Scotland to assess. If you have a request for a change to any of Mull and Iona’s summer timetables, please let us know by commenting here, or emailing us.

As well as detailing the change you would like, please detail what benefit the change would bring. All changes have to be operationally deliverable (ie they have to fit around working time limits, berth availability and so on), but they also need to be broadly cost-neutral.


Below are all the current summer timetables.

2 thoughts on “What amendments would you like for next summer’s timetables?

  1. An earlier boat on a Sunday am – currently first boat isn’t until 0930 from Craignure.

  2. A later boat from fishnish to lochaline all year round to allow us to have a dinner out in mull without having to stay over. Even if it was only on a Thursday/Friday or Saturday or maybe even only twice a month or something 

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