Final week of summer timetable released for booking today

Sailings between October 16th (Rally Monday) and October 22nd will be open for bookings today, Friday 4th August. This final week of ‘summer’ timetable has been held back for some time, awaiting confirmation of winter dry-docking schedules.

Due to the pressure of Mull Rally traffic, Mull routes are being opened up for bookings a little ahead of the rest of the network.

For that week we will have a two vessel Isle of Mull / Loch Frisa service for the first three days, then reducing to Loch Frisa only to allow the IOM to be redeployed for drydock cover.

Winter timetables have yet to be confirmed, but it looks certain that there will be long periods where like last winter, we are served only by the Loch Frisa.

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