Return of MV Isle of Mull delayed by 36 hours.

As not entirely unexpected, the Hebrides dry-docking has taken longer than planned and as a consequence, the Isle of Mull will now not be back on the service until the 15:55 sailing on Sunday.

Loch Frisa / Coruisk service will continue until Saturday. Lord of the Isles will operate Sunday morning sailings with the Frisa.

This continues the capacity crunch for another day, into the busiest day of the week. In addition, it appears that the new ticketing system has been selling tickets for which there is not space, which has contributed to the large number of ticket cancellations and the ‘no day-trippers’ advice from CalMac. They also advise that there will be no ‘turn up and go’ service for unbooked vehicles for several more days.

Medical Appointment Protocol – Reminder

Some passengers have been told that the Urgent Medical Appointment Protocol is not available. This is incorrect. We have been able to intervene in a few cases where islanders could not get to a mainland hospital appointment. They had been incorrectly advised by CalMac’s call centre there is nothing they could do. Please be assured that if you have a medical appointment on the mainland, CalMac should either a) ensure you have a car space, or b) re-emburse you for a taxi for the mainland portion of your journey.

If you have any difficulty accessing the Urgent Medical Appointment Protocol , please email us, and we will do our best to get you senior management attention.

Corran ferry back in June

Highland Council have announced that the Maid of Glencoul will be back in service in early June, with the larger main vessel MV Corran returning late in June.

Can you help to fund our work?

We have to hold our begging bowl out to the community, to help fund our unavoidable costs such as meeting room hire, minute taking and web hosting. All donations – no matter how small – are valued. It helps us to advocate for islanders and deliver some tangible improvements – like the prioritisation pilot coming this summer. We’d like to thank the many people who have donated already and helped us to reach our target. If you can add to the funds we’d really appreciate it. Thankyou!  Follow this link to make a donation.

1 thought on “Return of MV Isle of Mull delayed by 36 hours.

  1. Richard Robertson 26th May 2023 — 10:07 am

    Calmac recently got fined £4.5m by the Scottish Government as per the link below.

    What is the actual point in the Scottish Government fining Calmac?

    It doesn’t make any sense at all. Calmac is owned and subsidised by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Government are essentially fining themselves so what is the point? It is absolute madness.

    You don’t see the Scottish Government fining any other branch of the government for target failures. e.g. they don’t fine the NHS for failing to hit targets, so it makes no sense that they are fining Calmac.

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