MV Isle of Mull is back!

It’s been a while, but CalMac’s macaroni cheese has returned to the Craignure-Oban service. Together with much-needed additional capacity of course….

….except for the next four Wednesdays, when she will be running to Lochboisdale to help cover for the still-broken Clansman. We’re hopeful that the Isle of Lewis might be able to run one return sailing to help out on these Wednesdays, but it can’t be confirmed yet. The IOL’s wide beam means that the bow ramp can only line up with the linkspan if the stern is held off the pier. So she can only berth at Craignure if the weather is fine.

The Loch Frisa is away to dry-dock for her delayed annual service, and is scheduled to return on May 15th, from which point the Mull and Loch Frisa will complete the summer together.

New ticketing system delayed

The introduction of CalMacs new ticketing system has been delayed by a few more weeks to May 16th, to enable CalMac staff and management to concentrate on the ongoing disruption. To learn all about the new system, see here.

3 thoughts on “MV Isle of Mull is back!

  1. Do you not mean with the Isle of Lewis offset stern ramp.

    1. Hi Elliott. The off-set stern ramp has no chance of lining up either in Craignure or Oban, so she would have to operate bow-in at both ends if running between Oban and Craignure. The linkspan in Craignure is narrow and was designed for vessels of about 14-15m beam (ie with vehicle ramp centre-line around 7m from the fender face). The IOL has a beam of 19 metres, so the bow ramp centre-line is around 8.5m from the fender face. So she has to hold the stern off the pier in order for the bow ramp to cant in and line up with the linkspan.

  2. Some good news in part indeed. Thank you again fir your unstinting dedication.

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