Progress on ‘Samso-ish’ islander priority system.

We’re pleased to report that together with CalMac and Transport Scotland, we are making good progress toward the trial of an islander priority ticket sales system. Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth listened to our requests, and undertook to get a trial in place for this summer. It looks like we might achieve that.

Together with representatives from Coll and Tiree, we are discussing the options for a simple system that can be introduced quickly, so that some benefit can be seen soon. The initial solution we arrive at will be temporary, and intended to gain experience that will be helpful for the design of a fully-fledged prioritisation system that should come later. By trialling the system on two very different services (Craignure-Oban and Coll/Tiree-Oban), we hope to get an understanding of how the system could be adjusted to different types of route. Ultimately if successful, it could be rolled out network-wide.

Our objective remains the islander-ID-based Samso System that received overwhelming support when we surveyed on the idea last year. But that will take some time to work up, and an interim system that gets us half way there will be a step in the right direction. The detail of the system, (both interim and final) will be dependent on the capabilities of the new website and ticketing system being introduced by CalMac very soon. But we’re really pleased so far by the willingness of Transport Scotland to work on this, and the constructive ‘can do’ approach CalMac are bringing to discussions.

We will keep you posted as things develop in the coming months.

Can you help to fund our work?

We have to hold our begging bowl to the community, to help fund our unavoidable costs such as meeting room hire, minute taking and web hosting. All donations – no matter how small – are valued. We’d like to thank the many people who have donated already and taken us half way to our target. Follow this link to make a donation.


6 thoughts on “Progress on ‘Samso-ish’ islander priority system.

  1. Wonderful positive news indeed. There is hope thanks to your unstinting efforts and dedication.

  2. Just to say thank you for your dedication to this work of communicating with us and also for being our representative and ‘gadfly’ in getting intelligent change implemented, little by little. I hope this isn’t as thankless a task as I fear it may be. Anyway, here’s my thanks for what it’s worth! Strength to your elbow!

    Kind regards, Peter Upton (Fionnphort)

    1. Thank you Peter! It’s not thankless at all…. but the results do take some time to materialise!

  3. Well done and thank you all cx

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