MV Isle of Mull broken down en-route back from dry dock. -5 Updates-

Update 1 –

from CalMac at 18:00, Tuesday 10th:

Please be advised of a further update regarding the MV Isle of Mull’s port main engine. The vessel crew will now undertake investigations and repairs to the port main engine utilising spare parts that are available onboard.

The current timetable will be extended to cover Thursday 12th January with MV Frisa operating single vessel on the route.

Update 2 –

Wednesday 11th 14:30.

Isle of Mull still in Orkney. Temporary Loch Frisa timetable now extended until Thursday 12th. See here:

Update 3 –

Wednesday 11th 19:30. From CalMac:

Onboard repairs have proved unsuccessful thus far. The vessel are continuing to investigate the availability of spares. At this time there is no definitive estimate as to when the necessary repairs will be completed.

I will provide a further update late afternoon tomorrow or earlier if I have any new information to share

Update 4 –

Thursday 12th 17:30.

The temporary Loch Frisa timetable has been extended for another day, into Friday 13th. The Isle of Mull is still in Orkney and repairs have not yet been successful. We have no firm indication from CalMac of how much more time will be needed.

MV Isle of Mull is scheduled to take up service covering the Uig closure from Thursday 19th January. Therefore IOM is likely only to be in service to Mull for a few days before she has to leave, and we enter a planned five week period of Loch-Frisa-only service. See below for the planned timetable dates.

Update 5 –

Thursday 12th 21:25
From CalMac:

The vessel has been granted a safety case and the current plan is for the vessel to leave Orkney later this evening and slow steam to Oban arriving late tomorrow evening for further repairs. Spare parts will meet the vessels arrival and work will commence immediately in Oban tomorrow evening.

At present there is no timescale on repair but we will expect a further update tomorrow.

Update 6 –

Sunday 15th 11:30

The Isle of Mull made it back to Oban on Friday evening, but requires a part for the port engine governor that CalMac do not have. One was sourced from a supplier in Stoke-on-Trent, that was able to to be couriered to Oban. Repairs are ongoing, and whilst there is no confirmation from CalMac yet, the indications are that Isle of Mull will re-enter service today or tomorrow.

Update 7 –

Sunday 15th 17:00

The Isle of Mull is back in action. She’s successfully operated the 15:55 from Oban, and all appears well.

So we have a 2-vessel service for three days, until the end of Wednesday 18th. Then the Isle of Mull takes up service assisting with the Uig closure, and we have the ‘Loch Frisa only’ timetable through until Feb 22nd.

The Isle of Mull left Aberdeen this morning, heading back to Oban where she was due to re-join us from tomorrow, Wednesday. She suffered an engine breakdown when passing through the Pentland Firth, and made for Lyness in Orkney under escort by a tug.

She was first due back to Oban just after Christmas, but her dry-dock period was extended after steel wastage in the hull (excessive rusting) was discovered. Since early January, we have had an unplanned period of ‘Loch Frisa only’ service, operating an emergency timetable rather than the agreed pattern for periods when she is on her own. This has been due to staff illness and holidays preventing a full ‘Frisa only’ operation.

It is unclear how serious the breakdown is, and when the Isle of Mull will re-enter service. She first went into drydock in mid-November. From January 19th she is scheduled to leave Mull and operate services in support of the Uig closure.

The Isle of Mull’s path from Aberdeen to Orkney, 10/01/23

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  1. Very difficult to understand how Calmac could leave Coruisk idle in dock for so long during such a bad period of breakdowns and extended overhauls. Surely she could have slotted in somewhere even continuing covering the Rothesay crossing ?

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