New Parliamentary inquiry into ferry services begins

The Net Zero, Energy & Transport (NZET) Committee of the Scottish Parliament have issued a call for public views, ahead of a wide-ranging inquiry into the future of Scottish ferry services.

The inquiry is likely to take several months, and aims to “…seek out how best to secure a ferry service that is future-proofed, compatible with Scotland’s net zero goals and will meet the needs of all service users, having regard in particular to the long-term sustainability of island communities.”

The committee have given themselves a wide remit to examine the most fundamental aspects of the ferry service. It comes in parallel to the imminent publication of the government’s ‘Project Neptune’ report, which is expected to propose some fundamental changes to the institutions that manage and operate our ferry services.

The NZET committee are looking for contributions from islanders to inform their work. Whilst the committee cannot set policy, they can be very influential. This is a rare opportunity to get your views heard, so we would encourage you to contribute. Visit the committee’s website here to learn more.

MIFC’s chair has already taken part in an opening evidence session, together with representatives from the Hebrides, Shetland and Orkney. We will be following that up with written submissions. We encourage you to do the same! The deadline is August 26th.

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