Lochinvar working hard, and winter relief schedule.

The winter timetable has started, but traffic volumes remain relatively high. Many Craignure – Oban sailings are filling up around 7 – 10 days ahead.

That has placed extra demand on the Fishnish-Lochaline service operated by the MV Lochinvar. The crew have responded by operating a continuous shuttle-service, not just over rally weekend but on several occasions since.

Our job often involves criticising the ferry service – but that is always a matter of management and policy, never about the hard work and care of our local crews and shore staff. So it’s good to have an opportunity to say thank you to the crew of the Lochinvar, which is so often our true ‘lifeline’ service, running in all weathers and reacting to busy periods by running extra services. Thank you Lochinvar crew!

Winter relief schedule

We will be without the MV Isle of Mull for longer than usual this winter, as she will be operating as relief vessel on other routes. Right now she is operating to Barra, whilst the Isle of Lewis is covering for the dry-docking of the Loch Seaforth. Below is the Craignure – Oban relief schedule for this winter:

Route Vessel Starts Service Ends Service 
Oban – CraignureMV Isle of Arran 19th October23rd December 
MV Isle of Mull 23rd December29th January 
MV Isle of Arran 30th January 19th February
 MV Isle of Mull20th FebruaryCompletes winter

When the Lochinvar is away for dry docking from 1st – 23rd March, the Fishnish-Lochaline service will be operated by the Loch Tarbert. Long vehicles and HGVs with a long overhang may have difficulty getting on and off the Loch Tarbert due to her ramp geometry. If that affects your vehicle, your Fishnish-Lochaline ticket will be valid on the Craignure-Oban service whilst the Loch Tarbert is in use. Contact CalMac for more details.

The Tobermory – Kilchoan service is also currently reduced to foot-passenger only until Tuesday 26th, due to delays in dry-docking of another vessel in the network.

2 thoughts on “Lochinvar working hard, and winter relief schedule.

  1. Definitely congratulations and thank you crew of the Lochinvar. .uch appreciated. Also thanks must go to all other crew and ground staff for all their hard work which, from a person who has worked in retail and banking all my ife, knows that working with the public can for the majority of the time be very rewarding but it sometimes only takes one member of the public and their behaviour to crush one’s spirit. So hang in there you are all worth your weight in gold. Thank you again to all of you on this committee for your unstinting hard work. You do a great job don’t forget it.

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