Coruisk out of service.

The engine control problem that has been dogging the Coruisk this summer and resulted in it operating a reduced timetable has become worse, and the system has now completely failed. CalMac have no option at this stage but to take the ship out of operation.

It is not known how long it will take to fix, but it is likely to be a matter of days, not hours. All passengers booked for the Coruisk are being advised to travel via Lochaline, if space is not available on the Isle of Mull (which on most sailings, it isn’t). The small reserve vessel MV Loch Linnhe is being brought up to Lochaline to add capacity. She will shuttle as required.

This is another example of how the CalMac fleet is overstretched, over-age and we are paying the price. In addition, had the Pentalina entered service (rather than being deliberately obstructed by the trades unions) we would not be in this situation.

This will cause inconvenience and financial harm to many of us – but the CalMac staff will be feeling it too. Frontline CalMac staff will have lots of unhappy customers to deal with, but they will no doubt do it with their usual helpfulness, consideration and calm. Please be as considerate as you can be to all of our local CalMac employees. The cause of this problem lies elsewhere, and is ultimately for the Scottish Government to resolve. We will be writing to make that plain.

5 thoughts on “Coruisk out of service.

  1. All the idiots that vote SNP are to blame for this.

  2. Thank you for the info. and also for all your hard work.

  3. MR TREFOR DAVIES 14th July 2021 — 9:11 pm

    Pentalina not available because MCA stopped it on safety reasons. Owner had carried out work that made the ship unsafe. Nothing to do with Trade Unions, wish this site would stick to facts and stop peddling their political views they are not helping the situation and are not called for. Stick to the facts.

    1. Your point is factually correct but it does not provide the full picture. The issue can be fixed with minimal effort. The other facts that you omit is the fact that the private company withdrew due to negativity driven by unions trying to stop the cats introduction.

      1. My comments today do not in any way reflect on the terrific job all of you on this committee and that too of the Calmac staff do on our behalf for which I say a massive thank you again. However, no surprises that we find ourselves as a community being backed further into an already untenable situation. Begs the question how far are the powers that be going to allow this situation to deteriorate and put the lives and the health and wellbeing of island residents at enormous risk. As much as I understand and appreciate that the island relies heavily on tourism, in my opinion , we the permanent residents must surely still be at the top of the list of priorities. The very fact that you reported recently that for almost a week even the ambulance struggled for a space (I stand corrected but recall something as important to that effect).

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