Summer timetable delayed by a month.

There was universal rejection from all Hebridean islands of Transport Scotland’s proposal to further reduce winter timetables. The response appears to have been heeded, and our current timetables therefore remains unchanged.

However, there will be a delay to the introduction of the summer timetable, because of continuing Covid-19 travel restrictions. The winter timetable that was due to end on March 25th will now continue until April 25th.

There will be a review of timetables in mid-March, in the context of the wider national Covid-19 situation. A decision will be made at that point whether to further delay the summer timetable or not.

3 thoughts on “Summer timetable delayed by a month.

  1. The only correct outcome. Well done. Thank you again to all committee members for your unwavering commitment.

  2. Pete Pinnington 1st March 2021 — 1:25 pm

    I’m confused the current summer timetable for oban to craignure shows Valid from 26 March – 17 October 2021 without and changes. What is the correct timetable. I have a hospital appointment on the 8th of April 2021

    1. Hi Pete
      I would guess that CalMac have not yet updated their website and timetabling. Speak to them direct for confirmation.

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