MV Coruisk advice

Many people who feel vulnerable (particularly those with medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to Coronavirus) are understandably opting to use the MV Coruisk when travelling in a car to Oban. The MCA have given special dispensation during the pandemic for car passengers to remain in their vehicles for the crossing, so if you want to avoid mixing with other passengers in public spaces, Coruisk sailings are the ones to choose.


Until now there has been a limit of 50 people permitted to remain on the car deck. Any more than that and passengers are asked to exit their cars, which has understandably been an unwelcome surprise for some. The good news is that the MCA (the safety authority who regulate shipping) have now allowed the maximum to be raised to 100. This should greatly reduce the occasions when car passengers have to leave their cars, as well as increasing the total passenger capacity of the ferry.


There is one other thing that might cause car passengers to have to exit their cars – if a commercial vehicle with dangerous goods is being carried. Dangerous goods (like fuel trucks, compressed gasses and flammables) are generally not using the Coruisk at the moment in order to prevent this, but there are some sailings where it is unavoidable. Weekday 07:15 sailings ex Craignure are the ones most likely to be carrying dangerous goods, so if you want to have the greatest likelihood of remaining in your car, avoid those sailings.


We have previously passed on the advice that 20% of all capacity, both vehicles and foot passengers, was being held for turn-up-and-go travellers. This was incorrect. The 20% reserve applies to foot passengers only. If a sailing is marked as full for vehicles, it really is full. Apologies for the mistake – this was a result of us being given incorrect information.


We will be holding our AGM on Thursday 27th August. More details will follow. But if you are interested in getting involved in our work, we would like to hear from you! We want to make sure we maintain broad representation from all parts of our islands. Please drop us an email.

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