Oban-Craignure is the most congested service in the entire CalMac network.

One of many recent Freedom of Information Requests proves that Oban-Craignure is tied with Mallaig-Armadale as the most congested route in the entire CalMac network. We’ve analysed the carrying figures and calculated how much deck space was utilised in the month of August – and you can see the results below.

We all know how difficult it is to get a booking in the summer – and now you know it is more difficult for Mull than any other island. The cause of congestion on both the Oban-Craignure route AND Mallaig-Armadale is Craignure Pier. We have the Coruisk in the summer not because it is the best ship for the route, but because it’s the only vessel that is small enough to berth overnight at Craignure Pier. And which route was the Coruisk taken from? Mallaig-Armadale.

We are continuing to push the case for urgent upgrade to the Council owned pier. These figures are very useful in demonstrating to Argyll & Bute Council what the effect of their lack of investment is.

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