Winter is coming – cancellations update!

We haven’t posted much news on the site in the last month or two, but it’s not a sign of lack of activity… so here is a the first of a couple of updates on how we are progressing on different fronts.

In June CalMac MD Robbie Drummond came to one of our regular committee meetings to respond to our analysis of declining winter reliability. Mr Drummond (together with other senior managers) gave a response to the presentation we had given to him in February.

Please have a read though Mr Drummond’s presentation, which you can download below. You can also read our own presentation which prompted it. Rather than tell you what we think – please let us know what you think. If you feel that winter reliability is getting worse, does the CalMac presentation reassure you or change your mind? Or maybe you think that CalMac winter cancellations are reasonable and we are over-critical?
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