#islandparkingtax decision day

The eight Councillors listed below will be voting on Wednesday 12 June to decide whether parking charges will be imposed at Craignure and Fionnphort car parks.

If you want to prevent this punitive, unfair and ill-conceived plan from going ahead, please email them all. Even if you have emailed before, or sent in objections, please message them again. 

Please copy, paste and send the message to all 8 Councillors – emails at the bottom – and share with others who may wish to do the same.

Dear Councillors

Re: TRO 201 – lifeline ferry parking charges.

On Wednesday’s Area Committee Meeting you will be voting on whether to adopt TRO201. The proposed charging scheme is unfair, ill-conceived and punitive.

We urge you to vote against the traffic order.

  • These carparks are part of lifeline ferry services – we have no choice but to use them if travelling by ferry for any purpose – including for essential medical appointments, and visiting our children boarding in Oban.
  • The consultation process has been completely flawed – the island of Iona was excluded from formal consultation entirely. 
  • A ‘60% reduced permit’ for residents is still an unfair, ill-conceived and punitive proposal, and doesn’t address any of the underlying problems. 
  • As an illustration of how poorly thought through this 60% ‘compromise’ proposal is, Iona islanders would have to buy 2 permits – one for Craignure and one Fionnphort at 120% of the original cost.
  • The result of these charges is that Mull and Iona are likely to be a less attractive place to visit. 
  • These proposals should have been subject to an Islands Impact Assessment under the terms of the Islands Act, but officers are escaping this obligation on a technicality, despite Scottish Government offering resources to assist.
  • As our elected representatives, we implore you to represent our interests and vote against the TRO. 

We urge you to vote against TRO 201, which will do irreparable damage to the islands’ community and economy. You must insist that officers complete an Islands Impact Assessment under the terms of the Islands Act before considering this TRO, or any future TRO. The decision is in your hands.

Elaine Robertson              Elaine.Robertson@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Roderick McCuish           roderick.mccuish@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Kieron Green                     kieron.green@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Jamie McGrigor jamie.mcgrigor@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Andrew Vennard              Andrew.Vennard@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Mary Jean Devon             Mary-Jean.Devon@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Jim Lynch                          jim.lynch@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

Julie McKenzie  julie.mckenzie@argyll-bute.gov.uk 

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