Chronic mismanagement of Craignure Pier

Prompted by the unprovoked collapse of a section of fendering on Craignure Pier on April 8th, (see blog here) MIFC have been investigating the management and maintenance of the pier with a series of document requests through the Freedom of Information Act.

We’ve all been able to see with the evidence of our own eyes the poor state of the pier, but what the paperwork shows is truly shocking.

We have today written to the Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council, detailing our findings and asking a series of questions. You can download our letter below:

6 thoughts on “Chronic mismanagement of Craignure Pier

  1. Wow. As a tourist to Mull, I had no idea this was as bad as this. Very uncomfortable reading. A lot of work has had to go into that email to highlight such incompetence. Very sad. Hopefully this will now lead to some action for you to properly maintain this vital service.

  2. Margaret Parker 28th May 2019 — 11:50 am

    Is it appropriate for ferry/pier users also to write to Argyll & Bute about this – it sounds as if there might even be a danger of collapse?

    1. Hi Margaret
      We would definitely encourage you to write! There isn’t any danger of collapse however. The concrete structure is in good condition for its age. What is more likely is that something peripheral, but important to the operation of the ferry service will fail due to neglect. More fendering might fall off, meaning the ferry can’t berth, or the linkspan hydraulics might fail with parts unavailable…

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