A catamaran for Mull?

In this section we will cover our efforts to renew our ageing main vessel the MV Isle of Mull, with replacements that are best suited to the route and users. Our current focus is the purchase of a catamaran being built in Indonesia and available to purchase. We believe it offers massive benefits for our service. We are trying to convince CMAL and Transport Scotland to investigate it fully, and buy it for the Craignure-Oban service.


Transport Scotland ‘lack sufficient confidence’ that the catamaran on offer will gain approval from the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), and so they will not negotiate a purchase. On the other side, the sellers insist that it can pass the MCA, but the only way to ultimately find out is put it through formal assessment.

We want to break this impasse by commissioning independent analyses of the type the MCA will need to see. Strathclyde University Department of Naval Architecture have begun this work, with the promise of half of the cost being paid by the sellers. We need to raise the other half – and quickly! The ferry will soon be completed, and if Scottish Government cannot be persuaded to act soon, the vessel will be sold elsewhere. Please donate if you can – every pound counts. THANK YOU!

Download below our report on the potential catamaran opportunity of 2020:

Download our vessel options appraisal below. This weighs up the vessel deployment options available to CalMac until Craignure Pier is replaced – the catamaran is clearly the best option, both in terms of value-for-money and service benefit. Take a look –

Below is a slideshow of images of the catamaran under construction:

Below we have videos of our webinar of November 5th 2020. In this webinar we lay out the advantages of medium-speed catamarans in general, and the specific benefits that one could bring to the Oban-Craignure route. In the summer of 2020 we became aware of a suitable catamaran available on the used market, and in the videos below we lay out the opportunity it may offer us.

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